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Digital Rotary Evaporator Vertical Type


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Digital Rotary Evaporator Vertical Type

We are Manufacturer of laboratory Equipments, Autoclaves Providing you the best range of rotary vacuum evaporator, rotary evaporator and rotary vacuum evaporator apparatus with effective & timely delivery.


JLS India Advance Technology GMI Design Digital Rotary Evaporator.

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

ALL CONTROLS AT THE PRESS OF A BUTTON. 4 line Alpha Numeric Digital display LCD screen. SIMULTANEOUS display on LCD Screen of R.P.M., Actual Temperature and Set Temperature

MOTORISED LIFT arrangement for glass assembly, Control upto 200mm. Lifting up/down indication displayed on screen.

Geared Drive Unit offers a smooth speed rotation, R.P.M. Control from 20 to 200 R.P.M. On/off indication for Geared drive unit displayed on screen.

Double walled water bath Temperature Control from ambient plus 5°C to 99°C. On/off indication for Water bath displayed on screen. Vertical Glass condenser double coiled with three opening for vacuum and cooling, pear (kjeldhal) shaped evaporating flask cap. 800 ml., receiver flask cap. One litre fitted with a ball joint, feeding tube and vapour path tube a complete working unit. The same unit can be supplied with round bottom one litre capacity evaporating flask instead of 800 ml. pear shape.

Condenser Type Vertical Type Diagonal type
Bottle Capacity Rotary Bottle : 0.5~3 Lit, Collecting Bottle : 1 Lit
Rotary Speed 10~180 RPM
Evaporating Capability 20ml/min
Achievable Vacuum 39939 Pa (below 3mm Hg)
Bath Capacity 7.4 Lit / 260 x 140mm
Functional of Lifting Table Weight Balancing Gilding Elevating and Manual Lifting
Elevating Stroke 100 ~ 250 mm
Vacuum Sealing Double Sealing Rings made of Teflon + Vinton Materials
Power Consumption Motor : 25 W, Heater : 1.5 KW
Controller and Display PID Controller, Digital display
Dimension and Net Weight 560x320x660mm / 9.5 kg 750x320x540 mm / 9.5 kg
Power Supply and cord Plug 220V, 60Hz

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