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Laboratory Bioreactor / Fermenter - 10L


Laboratory Bioreactor / Fermenter

Bioreactor / Fermenter Bioreactor / Fermenter -5L Bioreactor / Fermenter -10L
Bioreactor / Fermenter -10-30L Bioreactor / Fermenter -50-100L

We are an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of world class Bioreactor Fermentor, Lab Scale Fermentor, Industrial bioreactor Fermentor, Air / Water JackatedFermentor, Glass Vessel Fermentor,In-situ Fermentor, sterilizer fermentor / Lab Scale Fermentor/ Laboratory Vertical Autoclave, Bio scale Incubator, Bioreactor, Laboratory, shaker.

Our Advance technologically advanced range of Bioreactor Fermenter are capable of providing even the most minute findings and observations to the user. We are a team of experienced technocrats and scientists to design the world's best range of products for our valued clients. By leveraging our full potentials, we are capable of designing tailor made products as per the exact requirements of the clients. We are accredited with ISO 9001 13485,GMP , IQ / OQ/ CE and EU certification.


JLS India Advance Technology GMI Design Bioreactor / Fermenter - 10L.

Bioreactor / Fermenter - 10L

JLS-India Make in INDIA introduced world's best Fermentor/Bioreactor 10 L system. Superior design for optimal heat & mass transfer for high cell density are designed to become the new benchtop systems standard in research Fermentor and bioreactors, worldwide. Application driven preconfigured packages for microbial culture and cell culture can be delivered ready to use "out of the box". A comprehensive range of preconfigured packages are available to satisfy the demands for both microbial and cell culture applications

Features of Fully Automatic Autoclave

  • Temperature range:- 5 degree to 70 degree.
  • Agitation motor DC-Drive easily removable RPM range 100 – 1250 RPM
  • An Aerobic Stirred Tank fermenter was assembled with different Impellers and Baffles alternately. The four different Impellers used were Rushton Impeller.
  • (i) Agitation (for mixing of cells and medium),
  • (ii) Aeration (aerobic fermentors); for O2 supply,
  • (iii) Regulation of factors like temperature, pH, pressure, aeration, nutrient feeding, liquid level etc.,
  • (iv) Sterilization and maintenance of sterility,
  • Withdrawal of cells/medium (for continuous fermentors).


  • Single or Twin configuration includes.
  • Graphical user interface with touch screen.
  • Trend display with up to 6 process values.
  • Direct balance connection
  • culture vessel with storage bottle tray, lifting handles and sampling system.
  • High performance stirrer motor for all applications and UniVessel® sizes
  • Up to 4 integrated peristaltic pumps, 2 external pump connections
  • Application driven integrated gassing system, choice of: - microbial culture O2 Enrichment or Gas Flow Ratio Control - cell culture/dual use Exclusive Flow and for cell culture Additive Low Flow
  • Integrated thermostat or dry heating system
  • Space for Redox and turbidity measurement (Single only)
  • Pre-configured software for system extensions

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