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Air Jacket CO2 Incubator


Laboratory Bacteriological Incubator

Bacteriological Incubator General Incubator Dual Chamber Incubator
Multi Room Incubator Peltier Cooled Incubator Low Temperature BOD Incubator
Air Jacket CO2 Incubator Multi Stack Shaking Incubator BOD Incubator
Dental Autoclave

NMT SCIENTIIFIC EQUIPMENT Standard models of Laboratory Horizontal Autoclaves, Cylindrical Autoclaves, Fully automatic Autoclaves, Table top Autoclaves Vertical autoclave units Produce by Noida Machine Tools are available with chamber volumes of 22 liters to 200 liters and we are produce customize product depend on the client that accommodate two and three drums accordingly. These systems are designed for meeting effective sterilization requirements in bacteriological and research laboratories, hospitals and clinics and food and beverage units. The vertical chamber design maximizes space utilization, while microprocessor Based control system enables comfortable working all the time you operate the machine.

Our JLS India Hot air oven and Laboratory Ovens systems offer continuous temperature up to 350°C and feature safe operation allowing JLS India operators to worry-free perform their tests. JLS India Standard models are available from 20 liters to 350 liters volume; however, we can design and manufacture Laboratory Hot air ovens meeting customer provided temperature range, sizes and capacities. There are various optional accessories that our company can make your working more comfortable. Our Hot air ovens deliver superior quality drying facilities.


JLS India Advance Technology GMI Design Fully Automatic Vertical Autoclave.

Bacteriological Incubator

JLS India Technology GMI-Germany Design Fully Automatic Autoclaves are an industry standard, and used in almost all Pharma companies, Biotech, Research, etc. JLS India Advance Technology of Fully Automatic Autoclaves are years ahead of any other brand in terms of performance, quality and features..

Features of Fully Automatic Autoclave

  • NMT Fully Automatic Autoclaves are Double or Triple walled inner and outer made of thick gauge Stainless Steel.
  • JLS India’s Fully Automatic Autoclaves have Foot Lifting arrangement.
  • JLS India’s Fully Automatic Autoclaves are electrically operated, suitable for rapid sterilization under steam pressure.
  • JLS India Technology Autoclave has Solenoid valve system for our Fully Automatic Autoclaves
  • Our Fully Automatic Autoclaves Sterilization under saturated Steam Pressure at 15 PSI.
  • JLS India Technology GMI-Design Autoclaves have S.S. Basket for sterilizer of Fully Automatic Autoclaves
  • JLS Autoclaves have Fully Automatic Autoclaves works on Single Phase supply
  • JLS India Automatic Autoclave Lid is made of thick gauge stainless steel with pressure gauge,

Safety Feature

  • steam release valve
  • Two safety valves
  • JLS India Technology Autoclave has Automatic low water level cut off for our Fully Automatic Autoclaves.
  • Alarm safety
  • Advance printed in optional

Fully Vertical Autoclave Dimensions

Model No.



JLS-LVA-22 25x45 CM 22
JLS-LVA-35 30 x 45 CM 35
JLS-LVA-52 35 x 55 CM 52
JLS-LVA-75 40 cm x 60 cm 75
JLS-LVA-98 45 x 60 CM 95
JLS-LVA-120 45 x 75 120
JLS-LVA-175 55 x 75 CM 175
JLS-LVA-200 55 x 90 CM 200

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